Cure Master

Let’s Save The World!


You are the only hope of that patients.

Investigate the disease, prepare the cure and vaccine the patient.

You gonna be the BEST DOCTOR EVER!

Waffle Store



Welcome to the sweetest waffle bakery in town!

You’re the most wanted waffle chef in this world and the customers can’t get enough of you. Use your unique kitchen to make waffles and spice things up! More customers will ring your bell and more designs you’ll gain as long as you keep it up!

Bon appetit.

Drift & Destroy

Welcome To The Rumble!


Hundreds of fans cheering your name and 7 cars alongside you, ready to fight for gaining the 1st place.

8 different cars, 4 different teams and non-stop action.

Tap and hold the screen to drift, and release to attack! There can only be one winner for this arena, make sure it’s you.

Spongy Golf

Satisfying Adventure!


Tap and slide your finger to squeeze the spongy ground, accelerate the ball, avoid obstacles and stick the ball in the hole!

Winter Is Here!


Ski to the finish line before everybody else. Kick the others off the road and enjoy winter.

City Rush 3D

A City Full Of Water Guns!


There you are!
Your friend is under attack, slide your skateboard and dodge enemies. When you dodge all enemies, now its your time.
Shoot the bad boy and save your friend.

Cross It 3D

Cross The River!


knock knock! who’s there?


Make your people jump to the other side of the river and make sure you have enough amount to fill the house! It’s not going to be easy, though. There is lots of places to discover.

Coast Guard 3D



What is that?
Somebody has entered to the sea and she is drowning. Come quickly, you must draw the correct grid to save her.
You will be recognized as a hero.

Crowd Surfing 3D

Let’s Give Them The Party


Imagine yourself as a superstar with thousands of fans, waiting for you to make your appearance.

Go high and get in the crowd, get yourself carried to the concert stage where you will rock and roll!

Jump Up 3D

How High Can You Jump?


Push the ball to the skies.
Rotate and find the proper building to jump on it.

Be careful not to jump on same building too much.
If you are high enough, you can complete the level.